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Books about Milan Kundera - find a list of books

A talk with Milan Kundera - Interview by Olga Carlisle

The most original book of the season - Philip Roth interviews Milan Kundera

Paintings with Kunderas figures as subject    by Phil Gyford




Kundera parody: A Book of Nothing   by Serge Winitzki.

An Introduction Into Variation by Milan Kundera

Why Milan Kundera is wrong about Dostojevsky - Reply to ‘Introduction’ by Joseph Brodsky

Anti-Agency: The Rhetorical Situation, Guilt, and the Power of Laughter in the Novels of Milan Kundera

Kitsch in the work of Milan Kundera

Beautyfying lies and polyphonic wisdom- About ‘The Art Of The Novel’ by Perry Meisel

Kunderas Mixed Feelings by Burton Bollag