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Books and essays about Kundera

  • Milan Kundera by Paul Trensky
  • Milan Kundera by Helena Koskovâa
  • Terminal Paradox: the Novels of Milan Kundera by Maria Nemcova Banerjee, New York, 1990
  • The Political Works of Milan Kundera and O.V. Vijagan: a Comparative Study by C. Gopinathan Pillai
  • Understanding Milan Kundera: Public Events, Private Affairs, 1993
  • Milan Kundera an the Art of Fiction: Critical Essays by Aron Aji (Editor), New York, 1992
  • Milan Kundera: An Annotated Bibliography by Glen Brand, 1988
  • Milan Kundera & Feminism: Dangerous Intersections by John O’Brian, 1995
  • Critical Essays on Milan Kundera by Peter Petro (Editor)
  • Understanding Milan Kundera by Fred Misulla, 1993
  • Chapter in: Review of Contemporary Fiction v.9 n.2, Summer 1989, div. authors.
  • Aritmetica dell`emigrazione. Viaggio nella letteratura dell`esilio e nei problemi della comunicazione attraverso l’opera di Milan Kundera by Ilaria Vitali, 2002. (in Italian)